Day: February 19, 2021

Lists the W88 sports bookie basicsLists the W88 sports bookie basics

Origin and development of W88

As one of the three big players in the Asian betting market in general and Vietnam in particular. W88 is a longstanding brand of bookmakers and is no longer a stranger to gamblers. Especially when they are also known as “the power house” and ranked first in Asia. That is why it is always the wish of many players to play in this betting field. So why is the W88 brand name highly appreciated by users.

W88 is a house brand with a long history and origin in the Asian market very early. However, it was not until 2013 that this bookmaker started entering the Vietnamese betting market. With their existing prestige, they create a new wave that makes Vietnamese players have to hunt and choose to play at this house a lot. That is why, after 1 year of operation, they have taken the position of “champion” in the Vietnamese market. Up to now, their names are unknown in the market.

Currently, to affirm and promote more of its brand image. W88 also sponsors many big clubs and teams. That is:

  • Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C.
  • Leicester City.
  • Aston Villa.

Promotion for first-time deposit new members

Member after successfully registering their betting account at the dealer. You will have the opportunity to receive bonuses when participating in bonuses for the first time. Thereby:

  • You will receive a bonus value of 100% of your first deposit value when you deposit less than 1 million. With this event, the maximum amount of bonus you will receive will be 1 million VND.
  • You will receive a bonus of 40% of your first deposit with a maximum bonus of up to VND 4 million. That is when members top up with the deposit amount of over 1 million dong.

To receive a valid bonus, however, you need to complete a betting turnover of 15-20 betting rounds. That way, you will satisfy the conditions for withdrawing the bonus to your bank account.

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Frequently asked questions while playing at W88

When playing betting at the W88 dealer. What questions do players often ask?

Does creating an account with W88 have money? Creating a W88 account currently does not incur any player costs. Players only start to lose money when you make a deposit and participate in betting. However, when the bet wins, the money you make will be much more than the lost money.

Are there any fees for payment transactions at W88? If the player does not want to lose fees when making payments at the dealer. We recommend that you choose to pay through your local bank. Otherwise, you will have to pay fee if you choose to deposit via bank. This fee will be approximately 10% of the value of the recharge card that the player must pay to the card issuer.

Can I create 2 accounts? Players are only allowed to create only one account with their own personal information at the dealer. If you create 2 or more accounts, the second or more accounts will be locked. If the player still re-committed the creation of multiple betting accounts. You will be locked out of your main account by the dealer when playing at W88. Real players must be aware of this when playing at this betting playground.

Will I lose money to my betting account but don’t use it? After members deposit money into betting account, if you don’t use it. This amount will remain intact in your account and not be lost. If you don’t want to use it for betting purposes, you can still withdraw it to your bank account.

Am I allowed to borrow someone else’s bank account to withdraw money? W88 does not allow players to conduct transactions at the dealer through any third party. Because of this, the player cannot borrow other people’s bank accounts to withdraw money. This is a mandatory rule that players must comply with to ensure the safety of their transactions.

What should I do if I lose my account password? The member has unfortunately forgotten the dealer account password. You can contact W88 customer service staff for assistance. Then you just need to provide the necessary information they requested. You will quickly retrieve a new password to access your dealer account.

W88 Casino Summary

So we have compiled for you complete information related to all aspects of the W88 bookie. Being a bookie is considered reputable, professional and active with many outstanding advantages. Certainly, this betting playground will satisfy all your betting requirements. Join the bookmaker to experience the best betting products and services they offer.